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A local historian related to us that this cemetery was established in 1859. Our parish recognizes the need to restore that which is part of our ancestry, our old cemetery El Campo Santo de Belén.  We want the past to be part of the present.  Living generations and generations to come will have a lasting remembrance of their ancestors.  Every effort has been made to restore these sacred grounds.  sunken memorial headstones as well as sunken graves have been lifted with the idea of retaining the character and ambience of an old Campo Santo.

In the newer sections the lawns are well maintained and a lot of trees and memorials have been established.  A shrine (gazebo) sets in the center of the three acre  oval lawn, which has become the focal point of the cemetery.  Most recently two more memorials have been established, the "Saint Francis Memorial" and the "Passion of Christ."  Like all other memorials, they were sponsored by parish families.

An outdoor Mass is celebrated every year on Memorial Day and on All Souls Day at the cemetery.  This is the time that families come from all over to visit and decorate their loved ones' graves. 

On Christmas Eve, families and the cemetery management get together and light up these grounds with the traditional luninarias.  This is a sight people wouldn't want to miss.

Our Lady of Belén serves the entire parish community whose membership consists of approximately 6,000 registered families.  Included here are the four surrounding missions of Los Chávez, Jarales, Pueblitos and Bosque.  At least 200 parish deceased are interred every year.  No one is refused burial rights.

The cemetery grounds are visited daily by many.  The roadway that encircles the oval lawn is also used by walkers from dawn to dusk.

The Cemetery Council and management are indeed very grateful for any and all contributions made towards the upkeep of these sacred grounds.

A set of rules and guidelines has been adopted which governs our cemetery.  Its operating budget is approximately $170,000 per year.  Revenue is generated from the sale of burial plots. interments, donations and fundraisers.   We have three full-time caretakers and a part time cemetery manager.  The pastor oversees this operation.

Our mission statement is to bury our beloved deceased with the dignity and respect due them.   We are committed to serving the bereaved families with the spirit of love and caring.