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  Our Lady of BelÚn Memorial Gardens Cemetery

Our Lady of BelÚn Catholic Cemetery, most recently known as Our Lady of BelÚn Memorial Gardens is situated directly behind the west of our mother church on 19th Street.  It is bordered by three major roadways, West Reinken Avenue, Delgado St. and Mesa Road.  This cemetery consists of 21 acres of sacred grounds and comprises the following areas:  1) the historic old cemetery which is also referred to as El Campo Santo de BelÚn; 2) the three-acre oval grass lawn;  3) the memorial upright section; 4) the old upright section; 5) the new Saint Francis Memorial; and 6) the Garden of the Angels Baby Cemetery. 

Within the old cemetery grounds we have established other burial areas and/or memorials, such as St. Jude Memorial (indigent section), the Bethlehem Memorial, the Isaiah Memorial and Christ in the Desert Memorial in memory of the forgotten and unknown.  The BelÚn Knights of Columbus, Council No. 2673, erected a a memorial called Cristo del Valle.  This memorial is situated in the oldest section of the cemetery and was dedicated on Memorial Day, 2001.


Outdoor Mass at the Cemetery, November, 2012.  (Lenore Pena Photos)